Keyuri JoshiWelcome to On the Ball Coaching.

  • Achieve your personal and parenting goals.
  • Fortify your children’s internal happiness & external success.
  • Help your children manage anything from toddler temper tantrums to tough school-age emotions associated with bullying, competitiveness, disappointments, stress, etc.
  • Teach your children problem solving skills that last a lifetime and build their confidence as well.
  • Use practical solutions to convert personal or parenting challenges into positive, successful family harmony.
  • Implement strategies to bond with your children and cultivate trust that says “you really can come to me with any problem.”
  • Impart non-academic life skills that research proves will give your kids the winning edge.

Have it all! An ICF Certified Life, Parenting & Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach will help you to navigate past challenges, keep your eye on the ball, and create a well equipped toolbox that builds the life you want right now.  

Keyuri is fiercely loyal to her clients and their accomplishments. As your “personal trainer” she will partner with you to set goals, implement wise strategies, and achieve long-term results in a safe, confidential setting. Contact Keyuri now for a complimentary session and get the BEST SUPPORT A PARENT CAN GET.